Healthy sugar alternatives for coffee


healthy sugar alternatives for coffee



How to sweeten coffee without sugar?

Junk food is everyone’s favorite food. So we eat a lot of junk food every day. But junk food is very bad for the body because white sugar is used in almost all junk foods. For that reason health conscious people don’t eat white sugar. Besides many people refer to white sugar as white poison. White sugar is also very bad for health because it has too many chemicals and is the cause of gaining weight, hair fall, damaged teeth, different types of skin disease, gastric problems. It also causes for diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer disease. In addition, brown sugar is better than white sugar because white sugar is refining from harmful chemicals. There are many foods have that are healthy sugar alternatives for coffee like –honey, stevia, jaggery that are so healthy for your body.

So we can use honey, stevia, and jaggery in our coffee instead of sugar . Honey, Stevia, Jaggery that all are nature comes food. They are not harmful to our bodies. If we eat a limited amount of that sweetener that is a benefit for our body.


Best tasting sugar substitute for coffee


If you add honey to coffee, your coffee will be tasty and healthy. Honey is one of the beneficial natural sweeteners. Honey has a lot of benefits. So the benefit of honey are-

  • It has a lot of antioxidants that are good for cancer, diabetics, and high blood pressure.  It also limits the sugar level of diabetic patients and lowering the blood pressure of high blood pressure patients.
  • It is good for cough, fever, cold, overweight patients.
  • It grows the immune system of our body so that diseases will not be attacked our bodies.
  • It heals the wound very quickly and controls infection of the wounded space of your body.



Stevia is a natural source of sugar. It makes from a South American leaf. It is sweeter than sugar but it is healthier than sugar. It has calories, carbohydrates and it is fat-free food. It is safe for diabetic patients, children.

Besides adding stevia one teaspoon in coffee that is enough for a cup of coffee.

Stevia has a lot of benefits. They are-

  • It is good for high blood pressure patients that lowering high blood pressure.
  • It is calories free food that losing weight quickly.
  • It is safe for diabetics patients that don’t increase blood sugar levels.



Jaggery is a natural sugar that makes of date, sugarcane. . It is found in South Asia and Asia Continent counties. It is round shape and square shape food and the color of this food is brown. It is a natural source of sweetener that is so healthy for our bodies. But if we want to add jaggery in our coffee, adding a very little piece. Not adding too much jaggery.

Jaggery has a lot of benefits. They are-

  • It removes the anemia from our body.
  • It also increases the immune system of our body.
  • It controls the metabolism of our body.
  • It improves the digestive system of our body.
  • It loses weight rapidly.
  • It has a lot of iron that removes deficiency of iron.


In conclusion, above all foods are healthy sugar alternatives for coffee. Those foods are more healthier and beneficial than sugar. Those foods are not harmful to our bodies. Those foods are all beneficial coffee sweeter without sugar.























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