How to make fruit juice with a blender ?

how to make fruit juice with a blender

Super energy juice recipe

Mixed fruit juice is a very healthy drink. It contains a large number of vitamins, minerals, iron that are good for the body.  If you drink this juice daily, your body’s immune system will increase. It reduces quickly body fat, glowing skin, and hair loss and increases exercise stamina. It also removes the water deficit of our bodies. Besides, this juice detoxifies our bodies and prevents allergies. In addition, it is totally sugar free juice recipe that is good for dieters and diabetics patients. So this juice is good for all types of patients and easily makes this juice at home with a blender. So we will teach you about how to make fruit juice with a blender.

Ingredients of fruit juice recipe

  1. apple (1)
  2.  banana (1)
  3.  watermelon (5 slices)
  4. orange (1)
  5.  strawberries (3)
  6.  Mango (1)
  7.  Cold water (1.5 glass)
  8. Red grapes (5 pieces)
  9. Papayas (4 small slices)
  10. Ice cube
  11. Honey or stevia (optional) (1/2 teaspoon )


  • Firstly, remove all of the peels and seeds of the fruit from the knife.
  • Then cut all of the fruits into small pieces.
  •  Then put those fruits in a blender for blending.
  • Then adding cold water, honey, or stevia to a blender.
  • Then blend all ingredients very well with a blender.
  • Then strain the fruit juice through a sieve.

You serve this fruit juice with ice cubes to your guests or family members. You can also keep this juice in the refrigerator for cooling

It is a super-fast way to make fruit juice with a blender. The combination of fruits is perfect in mixed fruits juice for us because the fruits we used to make this juice are all in our house all the time. All fruits are healthy fruits for weight loss and healthy fruits for the skin.

Besides, this juice recipe is one of the hassle-free recipes make at home. So we should eat this juice every day so that our body will not be affected by physical illness.

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