How to make orange juice taste better?


how to make orange juice taste better



How to make orange juice with a blender?

Climate change has led to an increased in global warming. Drinking more healthy orange juice in this hot weather is beneficial for the body so that we should drink lots of orange juice in this hot weather. This juice will be protected our body from dehydration. Orange juice is also one of the favorite drinks for everyone. We all like to drink more or less orange juice. Besides this juice has a lot of vitamin C, minerals that nutrition fact is beneficial for us.

In addition, people who suffer from hair loss, skin problems, and overweight can regularly drink this juice. This juice is good for cold, fever, cough, headache and removes fever, cold, headache quickly.  Therefore we came up with a healthy orange juice recipe that juice recipe is sugar-free and will be a better tasting orange juice. That juice recipe is so simple and easy recipe and everyone can make this easy recipe at home. So we will learn to you about how to make orange juice taste better.



  1. 3 oranges
  2.  1 lemon
  3.  4-5 pieces  mint leaves
  4. 1 teaspoon honey or stevia
  5. 1 pinch himalayan pink salt
  6. 1 glass cold water
  7. Ice cubes



  • Firstly, remove the orange peel and seeds from the knife.
  • Then cut the oranges into small pieces.
  • Then put those orange pieces in a blender.
  • Then adding lemon juice, mint leaves, honey or stevia, cold water, himalayan pink salt in a blender.
  • Then blend all ingredients very well with a blender for 2 minutes.
  • Then strain the orange juice through a sieve.

You serve this orange juice with ice cubes to your guests or family members. You can also put this juice in the refrigerator for cooling.


It is the easiest way to make orange juice taste better. It is a healthy orange juice recipe that increases the strength of the body. It is also one of the delicious juice recipes for weight loss that can make it at home. It controls quickly the metabolism system of our body that is the main reason for losing weight. So it quickly loses weight. It also increases our exercise stamina so that we can exercise a long time at a stretch.







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