How to make sweet rice with condensed milk




how to make sweet rice with condensed milk


Sweet rice or Sticky rice is glutinous rice that is mainly grown in China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines, etc countries. Besides this rice is good for diabetics, high blood pressure patients because it controls diabetics and high blood pressure.  In addition, the condensed milk sticky rice recipe is so easy and simple recipe and everyone can make it at home. So we tell you about how to make sweet rice with condensed milk.


Ingredients of sweet rice

  1.  2 cup sweet rice
  2.  1 cup water
  3.  2.5 cup milk (dairy milk)
  4. Condensed milk 3 tbsp or as your taste
  5. 1 tsp vanilla essence
  6. 1 ripe mango


Methods of  making sweet rice

  • Firstly wash the sweet rice very well.
  • Then take that sweet rice and water in the pot of rice cooker
  • Then switch on the button of the rice cooker.
  • When the rice goes to the keep warm function, you understand that your rice is finished cooking.
  • Then take that rice in the bowl
  • Then add milk, condensed milk, vanilla essence in that bowl and slowly stir that rice.
  • Then keep it aside 30 minutes for the cool down. The sweet rice is ready for eating after 30 minutes.

Besides, You serve that sweet rice with sliced mango or banana and condensed milk to your guests or family members.


In this way, you can make sweet rice with condensed milk. It is so quick and delicious dessert recipe and everyone can make this recipe at home. Besides you can eat this delicious sweet rice for launch and dinner.













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