How to make spanish chicken soup

Spanish Soup Spanish chicken soup is made with chicken, vegetables, and spices. It is so healthy and delicious soup and this soup is perfect for health-conscious people. It is also a popular and traditional winter food in Spain. Making this soup is so simple and easy process of making chicken soup. So we tell about … Read more

Chili con queso with beef

Chilli Con Queso Chili con queso is a popular Mexican dish made with cheese, meat, and some Mexican spices. It is a Mexican appetizer that eats with tortilla chips or normal chips. So the recipe of chili con queso with beef is- Ingredients of Chili con queso Ground beef (500 gram) Shredded Cheddar Cheese (1.5 cups) … Read more

Tamarind candy spoon

      Tamarind candy spoon is Mexican sweet, sour, and spicy candy that is put in a plastic spoon. That’s why this candy is called tamarind candy spoon. It is made from tamarind and is a very popular candy in Mexico. Not only it is a popular candy in Mexico but also it is … Read more

Does a coffee maker boil water?

All coffee makers boil water perfectly and the boiling water temperature of the coffee makers is 175 degrees to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. So you can make any type of hot beverages like -tea, coffee, hot chocolate from this hot water. Besides you can also make other dishes that required hot water like- ramen noodles, instant … Read more

Can you make tea in a keurig

        Besides coffee, a coffee maker can be made a healthy and delicious cup of tea. Making coffee and tea in the coffee maker is the same process. There is no difference between making tea and coffee in the coffee maker. So you can make tea in a keurig easily. The process … Read more

How to make fish cakes with bread crumbs

        Fish cake is one kind of fish pattie that is made from smashed potatoes and fish. It is so a delicious and yummy tea-time snack. It is also one of the simple and easy snacks. So we tell about how to make fish cakes with bread crumbs. Fish cakes ingredients  2 … Read more

Agar agar jelly recipe with fruits

      Agar agar fruit jelly is a dessert that is made with agar agar or agar powder and different types of fruits. It is a popular dish in Southeast Asia countries. Besides, it is one of the quick and simple fruit dessert recipes and you can make this recipe quickly and easily at … Read more

Mixed berry jelly recipe

        Mixed berry jelly recipe is a jelly recipe that is made from different types of berry juice. Mixed berry jelly is a compulsory breakfast food that is eaten with bread and butter in many countries. Besides, this jelly can be made at home very easily and quickly. So the recipe of … Read more

How to make beef stew without wine

Beef Stew Beef stew is one kind of beef soup that is made from vegetables and beef. It is one of the launch and dinner meals of the winter countries. Besides, it is so healthy dish and this dish is perfect for dieters because it contains a lot of protein and vitamins. In addition to … Read more

Shrimp ceviche recipe with clamato

Shrimp ceviche is one kind of seafood salad dish. It is one of the most popular dishes in Mexico. It is so a delicious and healthy dish that is a perfect dish for health-conscious people. So we provide a simple, easy and healthy shrimp ceviche recipe with clamato that make within 5 minutes. The recipe … Read more