Afghani Leeti Recipe

Afghani leeti is an Afghani sweet soup. It is also called Afghani laitee. This sweet soup is eaten by newborn moms after birthing children in Afghanistan. This soup is made with flour, jaggery, nuts and spices. So the Afghani leeti recipe is – Ingredients Methods

Araisi Juice Recipe

Araisi juice is Yemeni mango juice that is made with mango, milk and dates. This juice is served on the Yemeni wedding day. This juice is made especially for newlyweds couples. It is one of the famous drinks in Yemen. It is not only a famous drink in Yemen but also a famous drink in … Read more

Saweeq Recipe

Saweeq is a date balls that is made with date paste, whole wheat flour or barley flour. It is also called As Saweeq. Muslim prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( SA ) ate saweeq after breaking fast during the holy Ramadan month as an Iftar dish. He also ate this dish while traveling. This dish can be … Read more

Afghan Sheeryakh Recipe

Sheeryakh is an Afghani ice cream. This Afghani ice cream is made without using any machine. It is made with milk, cream and sugar. It is one of the popular street foods in Afghanistan. Sheeryakh is used in the Afghani dessert. So the Afghan sheeryakh recipe is- Ingredients Methods Note: We have to stir all … Read more

Hummus Al Sham Recipe

hummus al sham recipe

Hummus al sham is an Egyptian spicy drink that is made with chickpeas, water and spices. It is also called Halabisa. It is a popular street drink in Egypt. Egyptian people drink hummus al sham in the winter season. So the hummus al sham recipe is- Ingredients Methods Easy Hummus Al Sham Recipe Hummus al … Read more

Zerdeli Sutlac Recipe

zerdeli sutlac recipe

Zerdeli sutlac is a Turkish rice pudding. This pudding has two layers. One is milk rice pudding and another is saffron rice pudding. It is also called astarli sutlac. It is one of the popular dessert in Turkey. Ottoman Empire’s kings ate this dessert. So the zerdeli sutlac recipe is- Ingredients Methods Zerdeli Sutlac Recipe … Read more

Jasha Maroo Recipe

jasha maroo recipe

Jasha Maroo is a famous Bhutanese cuisine. It is a Bhutanese chicken curry that is made with chicken, vegetables and spice. Bhutanese people eat this dish with plain rice. Besides the cooking process of this dish is very simple and Bhutanese people don’t use too much spice to make this dish. So the jasha maroo … Read more

Bahraini Halwa Recipe

bahraini halwa recipe

Bahraini halwa is a Bahraini dessert. The main ingredient of this dessert is cornstarch. Bahraini people usually eat this dessert with coffee as a snack. It is also eaten on Eid day and after Eid day in Bahrain. So the Bahraini halwa recipe is- Ingredients Methods Note: We have to stir all the ingredients continuously … Read more

Jaju Recipe

jaju recipe

Jaju is a Bhutanese soup that is made with different types of vegetables like- spinach, bitter ground, pumpkin, dandelion leaves, bamboo shoots, seaweed and milk or cheese. Bhutanese people eat this dish with rice. So we provided two vegetables jaju recipe. That is- Ingredients Methods Bitter Ground Jaju Recipe Bitter ground jaju is another Bhutanese … Read more

Margoogah Recipe

margoogah recipe

Margoogah is a popular dish in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It is also called margoog and al margoog. It is an Arabic stew that is made with meat, vegetables and spices. So the Emariti margoogah recipe is- Ingredients Methods Saudi Arabian Margoogah Recipe Saudi Arabian margoogah is little bit different taste from Emariti margoogah. … Read more