Arsiya Recipe

arsiya recipe

Arsiya is a famous dish in UAE and Oman. It is also called ersiya . It is made with rice, chicken and spice. This dish is eaten at different types of events. So we provided an Emariti arsiya recipe. That is- Ingredients Methods Note: We have to stir in the middle of the cooking. Omani … Read more

Snayniyeh Recipe

snayniyeh recipe

Snayniyeh is a middle eastern countries’ dessert that is made with wheat berries, sugar and nuts. It is also called Barbara, Ashura, Ashure. It is a popular and traditional dish in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Syria. It is cooked on special occasions like- Eid, Christmas and Baby’s first tooth party. So we provided … Read more

Afghani Borani Kadu Recipe

afghani borani kadu recipe

Afghani Borani kadu is an Afghani pumpkin dish that is made with pumpkin, yogurt and spices. It is one of the popular Afghani dishes. Afghani people eat this dish with rice and bread. So the Afghani borani kadu recipe is- Ingredients Methods Afghani Borani Kadu Recipe Without Tomato Paste Afghani people cook also Afghani borani … Read more

Fruit Bhorta Recipe

fruit bhorta recipe

Fruit bhorta is a Bangladeshi spicy fruit salad that is made with different types of fruit, spice and salt. It is one of the popular Bangladeshi street food. Bangladeshi people eat this food as a snack food in both the summer and winter seasons. So the fruit bhorta recipe is- Ingredients Methods Other Fruit Bhorta … Read more

Qamar Al Din Drink Recipe

qamar al din drink recipe

Qamar al din drink is a Middle Eastern countries popular drink. This drink is made with dried apricot paste, sugar and water. Some Arab people make this drink with dried apricots instead of dried apricot paste. This drink is eaten in the holy Ramadan month. So the Qamar al din drink recipe is- Ingredients Methods … Read more

Afghani Soup Recipe

afghani soup recipe

Afghani people eat soup a lot that’s why they make and eat different types of soup. The soup Afghani people make are – vegetable soup, chicken soup, beef soup, lamb soup, corn soup, barley soup, rice soup, lentil soup, noodles soup, flour soup and fruit soup. Afghani people eat soup both in the summer and … Read more

Erk Soos Recipe

erk soos recipe

The Arabic word erk soos means in English Licorice. It is also called in Arabic language erk sous, erk el sous, ariq soos. Arabian people use this licorice to make a drink. Erk soos drink is one of the most popular street drinks in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. Arab People drink it during … Read more

Afghani Pickles Recipe

afghani pickles recipe

Afghani pickles are watery pickles that are made with vegetables, salsa, vinegar, spices and salt. In the Afghani language, pickle is called tursi. Afghani people eat pickles with rice and bread. It helps to enhance the extra taste of the rice and bread. So the Afghani pickles recipe is – Ingredients Methods Afghani Achar Awri … Read more

Egyptian Drink Moghat Recipe

egyptian drink moghat recipe

Moghat is an Egyptian ancient drink that is made with moghat root powder, milk, sugar and dry fruits. This drink has a lot of benefits. It strengthens the bones of our bodies. So Egyptian maternity mothers drink it after child birth for strengthening their bones. It also increases the energy of our bodies and prevents … Read more

Afghani Qorot Recipe

afghani qorot recipe

Qorot is an Afghani dried yogurt that is made with fatty yogurt. It is also called quroot, ghare ghoroot, goban. It is not only made in Afghanistan but also it is made in Iran and Pakistan. It is eaten as a snack. Besides it is used to make many dishes. Afghani qorot is made by … Read more